Kampot, Cambodia


Koprei in Kampot occupies 11 hectares of fertile fruit farm land near the footage of Bokor Mountain, the history rich during French occupation in the early nineteenth century. Koprei facility is about 3 km away from Kampot city central where you can do all your shopping needs and night hang-outs. This estate is full of fruit trees which include Mangosteen, Mango, Durian, Jackfruit etc. The scenery is breathtaking Greenery Mountains surrounding, cool and fresh mountains air, very relaxed and quiet environment.

Mountain climbing is an activity that is very enjoyable while you are staying at KOPREI. Also, not to far from this estate are small villages that you can visit and meet very friendly Cambodian villagers. There are pathways that you are able to ride bikes while enjoying the scenery and excising as well. It will be a life time experience if you went to the villages and help the villagers plowing paddies, planting rice seed and harvesting. Have you ever heard of wearing a helmet while picking Durian ? Well, if you are going to pick durians you are going to have to wear a helmet for your safety.

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Koprei Escape
Kampot, Cambodia
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