Koh Kong, Cambodia

Koprei – Koh Kong is a beach front estate located across from Bak Klang mini crowded town. This is your chance, if you have never done so, to live on the beach. It occupies roughly 4 hectares of land with 180 meters stretching on the beach front. For now this estate can be accessed by ferry or hired boat. If you are thinking of living in an isolated area but nearby town and neighbors – this is where this estate offers.

Escape to this Koprei estate! Here you will be able to forget your chaotic life back home. You can just lay back and close your eyes or lying on the white sand beach for as long or any time as you want. After a period of staying here, you will be fresh and powered.

Koprei – Koh Kong is roughly 6 kilometers away from Koh Kong main city central by water way. As you can see Koh Kong’ geography, there are many streams running throughout. It is will very fun and exciting to travel by boat to all of these streams which offer spectacular view and natures.

Koprei facility is also few kilometers away from Thailand border where you can easily come and leave.

If you like sea foods and fishing – All are in short distance. There is a small fishing village nearby where you can do all your shopping or you can hop in with them and out to the sea. You can catch all sorts of fish, crab, shrimp etc. Or you can do your own if you have enough gut with the mighty sea and proper equipment.

Koh Kong is a Cambodia’s beautiful ocean province. There are activities you can do while you are staying here, going for boat rides, dirt bike riding, mountain climbing, gambling at close-by casino or enjoy riverside bars at night.


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