Koprei II

  Koprei 2:

Located between two long mountains is perfect for a retreat, farming or raising domestic animals. It is in walking distance to Mondulkiriís capital Sen Monorom. Think of potentials for Cambodian, Vietnam or world market.

Main Attractions:

  • 1.5 kilometers to do Mondulkiriís province capital, Sen Monorom and 30+ kilometers to Vietnam border.

  • Build a dam for swimming, to create your own hydro power, fish nursery or to water your garden etc.

  • Spectacular view on mountains landscapes and forested hills

  • Rubber trees, Cashew nuts, coffee, Strawberry, Olive etc.



Suitability: This estate is best for bungalow, short or long stay home, farming etc.


Estate Size: 13 Hectares (32.5 Acres). If you are not able to occupy the entire estate, you may take in any size that best for your need.


Lease Charge: $20 per month for 1 hectare of land.


Terms: We are giving you options of 3, 5, 7 or 10 years lease. If you need more or in between, let us know your preference.

Taxes: At present there is no property tax yet but if there is any in the future, we both will work out. For now there is no property tax and we do not see any implement soon.

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