Koprei I & II
Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Koprei I & II is a retreat center and also a destination for one to live in or escape to an undisturbed beauty nature itself is offering.

Vacationing or living here would have one's energy rejuvenated and all the 21st century hectic work life and pollution of city would be forgotten, release stress, or escape from the city traffic, pollution of machine, noise etc.

Koprei I & II situate in between green forest hills and mountains, the land covered lot of big and small trees, it's tropically cool climate year round, rich soil, and natural streams make growing various vegetable, rice, and fruits tree easy to be had in plenty.

Koprei I & II are also two kilometers short to Sen Monorom, the city central and capital of Mondulkiri province. Thus, mode of transportation can be as simple as by walking or biking. Price for all these kinds of transport is very reasonable.

It is relatively simple to make this journey by motorbike also possible, if you are interested in driving yourself.

Sen Monorom is the metropolitan of restaurants, internet, markets that let you do grocery shopping, pharmacy, and hospital. Sen Monorom is the best base for travelers to explore the surrounding area.

At the present moment, water source can be harnessed from dug well or nearby natural stream which then can be pumped to elevate storage tank.

Nearby stream can be used for hydro power to generate electricity. Solar energy is yet another great source of electricity for landscape light fixtures. Expected in the near future, water and electricity will be more modernized as the city becomes more developed.

Then again, one may not be hurry to have a too modernized way of living...and don't forget the near proximity attractions of many charming places of tour sites, unique attraction of the ethnic minorities, and the most especially the power of the waterfall in the different places.

The plan of home construction situated on a beautiful hill with overlooking Mondulkiri's town, the land abundant with trees and other tropical plants, the land is perfect for building vacation home, bungalow or plantation that enriches with rubber trees or others fruitful trees. With constant all-year-breeze and fresh air, you can enjoy your holiday with your family, relatives or friends. The environment here is perfectly balanced with natural mountainous features, restful area and stunning view.

Koprei I

Located on hill slope over-looking Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri Provinceís capital with nature view on opposite side.      

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Koprei II
Located between two long mountains is perfect for a retreat, farming or raising domestic animals. It is in walking distance to Mondulkiriís capital Sen Monorom. Think of potentials for Cambodian, Vietnam or world market.                     More >>
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